My wife is my soft spot: Taufik Batisah

The first Singapore Idol winner shares his thoughts on life after marriage and upcoming plans for 2017


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We might not have seen or heard much from local singer Taufik Batisah this year because he has been dabbling in the Malaysian film scene since 2015, but Singaporeans can expect to see the Singapore Idol heartthrob more frequently soon, as he makes his return to the small screen as Khairul on Channel 5’s long form drama, Tanglin, this December 30.

The singer admitted that he was a big fan of the show even before receiving the role, he even called it a potential “classic” and compared it to popular past Channel 5 sitcoms Under One Roof and Phua Chu Kang. 

“I’m a big fan of Tanglin, my family loves it, I have also jokingly expressed my interest in joining the show and it really happened” he mused.

Taufik will be playing a conceited playboy who appears as a family friend of the Rahmans with a hidden agenda (Hint: he will be rubbing shoulders pretty often with the notorious Tanglin nemeses which include Peter Tay, played by Tay Ping Hui, and Sheila, played by Jade Rasif.)

Despite being a ruthless and “douchey” rich man’s son, Khairul has his soft spot, which comes in the form of a motherly Salmah Rahman (played by Mastura Ahmad), whom he respects and loves too much to lie to.

When asked if he saw any traces of himself in Khairul, the singer then fessed up, “I can be stubborn at times, but my soft spot is my wife”.

Taufik and his wife Sheena Akbal. (Photos: Taufik Batisah/Instagram)

The singer shared that although he might be rather hard-headed, he finds no point in arguing with his wife, Sheena Akbal, and maintains his blissful marriage by “always making sure that everything is well at the end of the day because arguments can make things turn sour and no one wins”.

The newlyweds, who tied the knot only slightly more than a year ago in April 2015 also had their long overdue honeymoon this September in the USA as Taufik had to promptly leave for Malaysia to commence filming one week after their wedding.

“I took a break and we went to San Francisco, it was really fun as it was her first time there as well”, the singer said as he recalled the trip to be his most memorable event of year.

“It’s been great [being married]! Marriage is a learning process, you learn more about each other every day, as long as both parties are willing to continue learning, you will have a blissful marriage”, he added.

Taufik shared that his thoughtful wife had even planned a surprise birthday party for his 35th birthday with their family last Saturday (Dec 10). Despite not being much of a celebratory person, the singer was very much moved by his wife’s gesture.

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