Between Two Worlds
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声道: Chinese
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What separates us? The lines we human beings draw among ourselves, to separate and distinguish one from another, are intriguing and mysterious at the same time. Natural forces like rivers, sea and mountains divide the earth, while human civilisation further segregates it according to language, culture, race, religion and political ideologies, forming physical and mental borders. These physical and non-physical divides, trigger war and discrimination, and also create melting-pot cultures. How do people, particularly those living in areas with conflicting divides, live their lives? Technology may have shortened the physical distance between people, but it may never bridge some invisible borders that have been in place for centuries.《分界线》远赴墨西哥、秘鲁、德国、意大利、直布罗陀、日本琉球岛、尼泊尔、中国和美国阿拉斯加等13个城市,用在地人的角度,带你走入各种微妙的分界线,了解各种矛盾,体验这些人的快乐与哀愁。

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