Extraordinary Prisons
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Info-Ed

Prison is a facility where inmates are confined and denied a variety of freedom under the authority of the state. To reform offenders, some prisons introduced unique programmes like boxing, dancing competition, dog training and even wine and cheese making to empower prisoners with life skills.监狱,是关押犯了罪行的人的地方。在监狱里,囚犯的个人自由和权益受到了高度限制。然而为了改造囚犯,让他们不再重蹈覆辙,一些监狱推出了有趣的改造计划。这些计划如舞蹈、拳击、制作乳酪甚至酿酒训练的目的,是让囚犯们出狱后有第二个人生的机会。《非常监狱》带您实地走访这些不一般的监狱。

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