While We Are Young Z世代 (TIF)
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Yang Xiao Shuai (Zong Zi Jie) is a troubled youth who comes from a broken family . After his stint in the boys’ home , he turns over a new leaf and aims to be a competitive swimmer . Tang Yi Jie (Calvert Tay) comes from a well - to - do family and excels in his studies . Being talented and good - looking , Yi Jie is well - liked by his teachers and peers . Both boys with different upbringing and personalities will eventually cross path with each other as they vie for the affection of a girl . Tang Yi Jie’s mother Fang Ting (Zoe Tay) is a righteous teacher who is highly respected by her colleagues and as well as her students . Fang Ting’s eldest son Yi Wei (Zhang Zhen Huan) was a passionate counsellor in his youth , he encouraged a delinquent , Zhong Ai (Rebecca Lim) , to change her ways . She eventually becomes a teacher and marries him . They enjoyed a happy married life until Yi Wei’s employee Jia Yi (Denise Camillia Tan) decides to come in between them . Yi Wei nearly strayed , but with interference from his wife and mother , he eventually pulls himself away from Jia Yi’s advances . To complicate matters , Zhong Ai and Fang Ting have their differences when it comes to teaching methods and domestic matters . Will they be able to set aside their differences and work out a common solution when it comes to nurturing the Z generation youths ? 杨小帅(宗子杰),母早逝,父是黑社会份子,不爱读书,之后结识损友,结果被送入感化院,洗心革面,在感化院通过中四考试但立下人生目标,要成为扬名国际的游泳健将。汤一杰(郑凯介),与生俱来的读书天分,在学校是校草。两个来自不同世界的男孩将会卷入一段复杂的三角恋。汤一杰的妈妈方庭(郑惠玉)个性豪迈爽朗,有江湖儿女气概,颇得学校同仁和学生的尊重。方庭大儿子汤一伟(张振寰)青少年时期是个非常有爱心的义工,因此认识当年差一点误入歧途的钟爱(林慧玲),鼓励钟爱当上老师,之后娶了钟爱。原本拥有幸福婚姻生活的一伟被修车行女职员郑嘉怡(陈楚寰)苦苦纠缠,几乎在感情上出轨,幸得母亲方庭和妻子钟爱的插手帮忙,才没铸成大错。方庭与钟爱,这两个同样是老师,又同样是妈妈的女人,一样有很大的代沟问题,在学校又是上司与下属的关系,对于教学方式,教育方针,两人意见作风分歧,闹对立;在家里,身份易位,成了媳妇与家婆,又同样身为妈妈,分别对两个同龄儿子的管教方式也有差异,搞分化。面对这些Z世代的青少年,她们最后要怎么放下两人之间的分歧,站在同一个阵线上呢 ?

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