My Star Guide S12
Telecast Info:

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Variety

"My Star Guide 12 - A different story with food around" is back for its 12th season and this time round, the focus will be on Singaporean's favourite topic - Food! Follow our celebrities as they bring you around the world, tasting different kinds of delicacies!《我的导游是明星》第12系列,每集将有“美食”的主题穿插其中,让节目更加丰富,同时可吸引对美食深感兴趣的观众朋友们。在每集节目中,将特别安排4或5个与美食有关连的项目,例如传统美食,当地名菜,当地居民的生活或关于难忘的体验等等。

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