Hey Chef! S2
Telecast Info:

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Variety

Channel 8's cooking-themed programme, Hey Chef! is back for Season 2! This season, join hosts, Pornsak and Vivian Lai as they, together with the help of celebrity chefs (such as, Eric Teo, Vincent Aw, Daniel Koh and many more) come together to the aid of the home chefs, who have difficulties preparing certain dishes for the family. With 13 episodes, Hey Chef! 2 will premiere on Channel 8 starting from 7 June 2017, Every Wednesday, 8 - 9 PM. 8频道节目《大厨帮帮忙》由PORNSAK和赖怡伶主持,将邀请几位大厨上门帮帮忙,与嘉宾交流一下厨艺,帮忙改善他们的"幸福料理",该煮到什么程度,这么样才能煮出更好的味道等等。 《大厨帮帮忙》将6月7日起,一共13集,每逢星期三,晚上8 – 9点于8频道播出。

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