118 S2 (TIF)
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

"Yeo Yeo Huat" Coffee-shop has been under renovation for half a year and is about to reopen for business. Likewise, Shun Feng and Mei Zhen's wedding day nears and they have decided to have their wedding pictures taken at the renovated coffee-shop. However, the photographer fails to show up and Shun Shui has no choice but to seek the assistance of his friend Ji Zhou. Everyone is geared up for the shoot but Mei Zhen is nowhere to be seen. "要要发"装修已近半年,开张在即。顺风和美珍婚期将近,决定在装修一新的新"要要发"拍摄婚纱照。顺水找的摄影师失约,只好请擅于摄影的朋友刘际洲帮忙。大家盛装准备拍照,美珍却迟迟没有出现。

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