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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

The new "Yeo Yeo Huat" coffeeshop has just undergone renovations, and is ready to operate. Shun Feng (Dennis Chew) and Shun Shui (Xu Bin) have taken over as the new bosses. However, things begin to turn for the worse as the brothers begin to blame each other for poor business. To make things worse, Ke Ai’s career took off, leaving Shun Shui feeling insecure and uneasy, their relationship eventually soured. Jin Zhi’s (Ya Hui) fiancé dies in an accident, leaving her devastated. Da Ming (Chew Chor Meng)’s wife , Mei Mei, ( Pan Ling Ling) is constantly in conflict with her Daughter-in-law, Mei Zhen ( Sora Ma). With all these incoming problems, how will the head of the family, Da Ming, handle all these and bring his family together again? Not only that, they will also have new neighbours moving in, causing more upheavals with their different quirks and personalities. 新“要要发”刚经过装修,已准备开张了!顺风(周崇庆)与顺水(徐彬)接管了咖啡厅,但是生意却不理想。日子久了,两个兄弟便开始争执,把错推给彼此,认为对方害了生意变得惨淡。更糟的是,可爱(黄思恬)的演艺事业迅速起步,让顺水感到不安,导致情侣俩之间发生矛盾。金枝(雅慧)的未婚夫在一场车祸中丧命,让金枝伤心欲绝。达明(周初明)的妻子媚媚(潘玲玲)与强悍的媳妇美珍(马艺瑄)经常起冲突,让大家头痛不已。身为一家之主的达明是否能解决洪家的种种问题?还有,新搬来的邻居也会进入洪家成员们的生活,他们个个都非常有个性,常常把安宁的邻里搞得天翻地覆。。。

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